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New Milk

Course Programme

1. Optimization of somatic and bacterial density (total bacterial count) of milk. The complex institutional and special events. Statistics, figures, tables, charts, errors. The devaluation of the formula of "quality = efficiency = loyalty," risks consequences.

2. Diagnosis, treatment, prevention of mastitis in cows. The complex of sanitary measures for udder care. FULL TECHNOLOGY. Increased milk production culture.

3. The dry period in cows. Proper start. Schemes run. A momentary start, error.

4. Efficient, professional cleaning of milking equipment and milk lines coolers, process equipment at dairy factories. Inhibitors in milk: cause barriers.

5. Residues of antibiotics in milk. Causes, consequences, prevention. Professional choice and the right balance of treatment of cows and rapid testing of milk at collecting input control at the dairy plant for antibiotics.

6. Temperature resistance milk, heat-stable proteins, problems, optimization of this index.

7. Proposed questions on "the production of quality milk" provide for its consideration in conjunction with the quality control system HACCP, which identifies, evaluates and controls significant dangers (risks) that affect the safety of raw milk produced on farms and harmonize it with the quality control system in dairy establishments.

8. GMP, good manufacturing practices, objectives, rules and procedures. SSOP, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures The introduction of effective pest control, waste management and the development of their monitoring.

9. The workshop will cover all risks in the routing milking, storage and cooling of milk, milking and cleaning circuit manufacturing equipment and transportation of milk.

10. Will identify all critical control points. Adjustment Process.

11. It will be developed and offered a clear system and rigid algorithm operations and activities in a particular process. (From milking to processing)

12. Consider the evaluation of the effectiveness of activities and as a result - a guaranteed result:

An increase in profits for all participants dairy chain. (Dairy business).

The course of practical training and consulting will give impetus to specialized professionals to effectively implement comprehensive hygiene, preventive, special measures in the routing milking routing in the technological cycle of milk processing.

The organization, the coordination of the conditions for participation

1. The duration of the course depends on customer requirements and emphasis on a particular theme. At the request of the customer is possible to develop an individual theme and its adaptation to a specific problem areas in the process of production and processing of milk.

2. Format study: Training - stationary workshops, support - outpatient remotely.

3. Unlimited number of listeners.

4. Prerequisites for inviting party:

5. Requirements for the audience (room):

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